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På dansk

This song was written by Freja in 1998 a little inspired by the Roxette number "I wish I could fly".

We have recordeed it in 2011, where Thor could do what he wanted with the music. So it was changed from country to pop/rock.

Some people   thought it sounded pretty bad . Basically we agree and therefore we in 2013 made ​​a new recording , where we for one thing has soften the sound.

As something new, we have been playing with harmonies on the song .

It was first recorded together with some country musicians in North Jutland in 2001. If you are interested in hearing this recording it is at the bottom of this page. There is a little noise in the beginning of the song. It is recorded on a 4 track taperecorder.
The noise last approx. 5 seconds and then the song starts.