How to heal your life

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What we write here and the lyrics of the song will probably cause a good discussion. It is our opinion only. You are in your right to disagree with us and you are welcome to write comments about your opinion below the window. It is always very inspirering to hear others opinions. Maybe it can inspire us to write a new song

This song is inspired by a person we tried to help. The person were complaining a lot about the life. When we tried to give some good advices and not only feeling sorry for the person we were accused for beeing selfish, selfcentered and inhuman etc. We didn't mind listening to the complaints but it is hard to go on listening when the person doesn't want to change he or hers situation in life to make things better. But it is not easy to do anything with your situation if you believe that the reason is caused by something out of your control. If you don't have a responsibility yourself for your mood and your state of mind and you don't think it is your own responsibility to get quality in your life.

We believe that you not always can control the circumstances in your life. You can't decide how others behave, what the government decides, how the weather will be and so on. But you can determine how you will react to it. You can choose to be sad and depressed about something you can't do anything about anyway or you can choose to accept it as a part of life and be happy inspite of that.

According to one of our great source of inspiration Dr. Wayne Dyer will 3 out of 4 persons give the responsibility for their own happiness or misery to factors from the outside (like friends, family, colleague etc.). Only 1 out of 4 takes the responsibility themself for their own life. Which of these 2 groups do you belong to?

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