Life is a game

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På dansk

This is an english translation of "Livet er et spil", written by Thor in 1983 18 years old in a thoughtfull moment
The english translation we have wrote together.

We have not translated the lyrics exactly as it is in danish because it ofcourse will sound strange and not suite the melody.

Our goal was to still keep the same message as we want to communicate.

The translation and recording is made in february 2012.

The original danish song was written by Thor in a joyful moment, when he was thinking about how great a life he had. Some danes can feel a loss when they can't affort to buy a colour TV or a video recorder as it was at that time. Nowadays it's a laptop, cell phone or an ipad while there are people around in the world, who will be happy just to live in peace without fearing for their lives or have daily food on their table. And this is what the song is all about.