You're my friend, You're my lover

© 2012 - Thor & Freja. All rights reserved .

We wrote this song together in february 2011 in the first week we were going steady. The words were true, when we wrote the song and as time goes by they become more and more true.

The target for us was to finish the song before our engagement the 2. of april 2011 and so we did.

Watch the pictures from that day in our  gallery. That day we went for a long walk by Silkeborg and ended our evening with dinner at "Restaurant Karoline Amalie" in Virklund, which we can highly recommend.

When we had got to know each other better also musically we agreed to re-record it because we were not satisfied with the first version. And because it is an announcement of the love for each other the second version of course had to be finish on our one year of beeing together. It is the 28. of january 2012, where we did put the song on our website .

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